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Mental Health: Vaccine Hesitation

  Vaccine Hesitation is not new and nor should it be seen as new. Its has gotten even more now with the Covid-19 Vaccine Release via the CDC and major health organizations. The Anti-Vaccine Movement has really not been proven to have a Impact on this in the first place. Your hesitation is nothing to be ashamed of cause we are all human and we all question human technology and studies. This is more of a of opinionate piece then based on factual information.  Despite being recognized as one of the most successful public health measures, Vaccination is perceived as unsafe and unnecessary by a growing number of people. Lack of confidence in vaccines is perceived as a threat to successful vaccine programs. Vaccine hesitancy is believed to be responsible for decreasing vaccine coverage and increasing risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and epidemics  [Cite: Vaccine Hesitancy-Multiple Arthurs- Section: Abstract- August 1, 2013;  Vaccine hesitancy ( ] On to the Covid-19 Vacci

End of Week 4 Updates

  Week 4 of my freshman Fall Semester has been challenging. Between Caring for my now 11 month old daughter Eve, The demands of work, and my Assignments I am already Exhausted. With that being said I am sorry I haven't been able to update my Blog till now. I kind a had to place it on the Back Burner till now. My Job called me in yesterday, the 23rd, cause they needed more cashiers. Luckily I was still at the College as I live 30 mins away from both. Eve is still getting used to Mama being gone at night as she is normally with me all day.  With Exhaustion already beginning to take over this week with 6 more days to go. I feel sorry for my Baby Bat. I do my best not to place additional stress on her but I am unsure this is impossible. Right now I am failing my main English class which is normally my best subject. I am passing both Sociology and my Writers Workshop. With this week being so busy, I find it hard to really write more in this blog. ~Luna Frost~ @Kush_Mom

Mom in College

  Being a Working mom in College is a Busy Cycle. College is not easy from any means but add working part time & child care to it, your time can be very little. It’s a huge reminder that getting sleep and self care is highly important. I am currently working on completing my Associates in Arts with a focus on Social Work through my local community college which is a transfer degree. You need your BSW to really start a career helping others through Mental Illness and more. I plan to specialize in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond care for women including a education in Lactation.  I feel the degree and specialty I am perusing I feel is highly needed in today’s world which doesn’t take depression and anxiety in the different stages of a woman’s life seriously. I know many women who’ve gone through many of these in different parts of their life. The hormones in our brains can trigger so much. But with this life change comes with coping for my 11 month old daughter. ~ Luna Frost ~

Welcome to my New Blog

  Welcome to my New Blog!! I will be buying a new domain soon and letting my old one expire. I started a new one so it’s easier to update as my life has come to a change. I am working now and attending college. I am in the process of becoming a LCSW (Licensed Certified Social Work) so I will be sharing natural ways to help cope and treat with Mental illness in motherhood and into my personal life as well. Hope your happy to stay with me and in my Journey through both motherhood and beyond that.  ~Luna Frost~