End of Week 4 Updates


Week 4 of my freshman Fall Semester has been challenging. Between Caring for my now 11 month old daughter Eve, The demands of work, and my Assignments I am already Exhausted. With that being said I am sorry I haven't been able to update my Blog till now. I kind a had to place it on the Back Burner till now. My Job called me in yesterday, the 23rd, cause they needed more cashiers. Luckily I was still at the College as I live 30 mins away from both. Eve is still getting used to Mama being gone at night as she is normally with me all day. 

With Exhaustion already beginning to take over this week with 6 more days to go. I feel sorry for my Baby Bat. I do my best not to place additional stress on her but I am unsure this is impossible. Right now I am failing my main English class which is normally my best subject. I am passing both Sociology and my Writers Workshop. With this week being so busy, I find it hard to really write more in this blog.

~Luna Frost~