Mental Health: Vaccine Hesitation


Vaccine Hesitation is not new and nor should it be seen as new. Its has gotten even more now with the Covid-19 Vaccine Release via the CDC and major health organizations. The Anti-Vaccine Movement has really not been proven to have a Impact on this in the first place. Your hesitation is nothing to be ashamed of cause we are all human and we all question human technology and studies. This is more of a of opinionate piece then based on factual information. 

Despite being recognized as one of the most successful public health measures, Vaccination is perceived as unsafe and unnecessary by a growing number of people. Lack of confidence in vaccines is perceived as a threat to successful vaccine programs. Vaccine hesitancy is believed to be responsible for decreasing vaccine coverage and increasing risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and epidemics 

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On to the Covid-19 Vaccines which are Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer-BioNTech, which were devoloped under Operation Warp Speed. This 10 billon dollar public-private partnership between Defense, Heath and Human Services , and State Departments together with private drug companies. 

On December 11, 2020, the FDA authorized the Pfizer Vaccine for Emergency Use. Seven months to the day after the declaration of a deadly global pandemic. 

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My Opinion

I feel Vaccine Hesitancy has increase a lot in recent years. I seen the Anti-Vaccine Movement attack Loss Parents and Those whos baby died of SIDs trying to blame it on Vaccines, which is a unproven claim to say the least. I also seen them blame Vaccines for Murder, Accidental Deaths and more. Which makes me wonder how they feel blaming others whom don't share how they feel wise. I find this as a reason I find it hard to take them seriously on their claims. How can I take you seriously if your attacking someone mourning the lose of there child like what your saying is enough to make the person to feel at fault and where is the proper research. The fact they show me things that dont even use the proper method of study to justify their attacks honestly makes me sad. I have heard things like "Science is Dead" or all scientist are trying to do is massively kill people or its a control tactic. 

I have a 11 month old Daughter whom is following the proper CDC Vaccination schedule under her doctor. I never seen any of the side affects that they claim exist at all. She has even had her flu shot. I am not ashamed of protecting my soon to be toddler. I am also fully vaccinated myself following the same schedule as she did. Once the Covid-19 Vaccine is approved for her age group for proper dosage and safety, I will not hesitate to get it for me. Her life in my opinion is more important then my beliefs even with my belief aligns with science anyway. Her protection is my top priority. 

I am not saying the movement does not care about their children I feel their entire approach is wrong. Attacking and Blaming those who lose children is scary and sad in my Opinion. I feel its a highly low blow to someone mourning and possible suffering from depression. If they would take proper approaches and do proper studies and find actually usable situations and research I find it would be more reliable. 

Luna Frost