Mom in College


Being a Working mom in College is a Busy Cycle. College is not easy from any means but add working part time & child care to it, your time can be very little. It’s a huge reminder that getting sleep and self care is highly important. I am currently working on completing my Associates in Arts with a focus on Social Work through my local community college which is a transfer degree. You need your BSW to really start a career helping others through Mental Illness and more. I plan to specialize in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond care for women including a education in Lactation. 

I feel the degree and specialty I am perusing I feel is highly needed in today’s world which doesn’t take depression and anxiety in the different stages of a woman’s life seriously. I know many women who’ve gone through many of these in different parts of their life. The hormones in our brains can trigger so much. But with this life change comes with coping for my 11 month old daughter.

~ Luna Frost ~