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12 Month: Eve Update

  On November 3rd, Lil Eve meet with her Pediatrics Team for her 12 Month Wellness Check up. She now weighs 20.5 Lbs. and is 2 feet 5.8 inches in height. We were also able to get a Referral to a Pediatrics Orthopedics closer to home. If you haven't been following since Eve was born, She has Hip Dysphoria in her Left leg, meaning it is in the Wrong spot making her left leg shorter then her right. This possible will give her a Medical Delay on walking due to her not wanting to place uncomfortable pressure on her left leg. If not treated early it can cause Pain in this hip and Early arthritis as well. Her Team of Doctors and Nurses are amazing though and keep a listening ear on all my concerns on her physical Development as well as all other milestones.  She also got 4 Vaccinations while at this Visit in which caused her to be Moody and Tired for the last few days. Yesterday she was pretty much inconsolable majority of the day. She wouldn't even nap at all and all she wanted to do