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Yule 2021

  Now Yule is over I thought I would do a short blog update. This is Eves second Christmas, her first was when she was just 3 months old. Watching her open gifts this year just filled my heart with joy. She is growing so fast, and it’s crazy to see. She is now in a Toddler bed with a new Puppy Pillow & Red Plaid Blanket from her Grandma. Auntie got her two Stuffies she just loves (a little wolf & a Blue Unicorn with wings), and mama got her a Frozen Spa Set which I notice she was looking at. Two of mamas favorite gifts is the Red Wine 🍷 I got from my Mom and my Coffee Gift Set.  This is my minor Post this holiday season as well as a short little update. ~ Mama Wolf Luna ~ - Midnight Pack (Midwest MI)

Snow Storm 12/10

 Last Night at around 9PM the Snow Storm started hitting here in Escanaba. We are now stuck in an Hotel and really can’t get any where. This isn’t supposed to stop till 7PM tonight and really don’t know what they predict in amount. This is really crazy but at least we’re safe and warm.  I don’t work till Monday and am working on the last of my school work for the semester. We stayed in the Hotel all weekend and will be checking out Monday Morning.  The insanity of this storm makes the Holidays way more stressful with the extra money spent to keep us Safe. - Luna Frost Our Wish List:

End of Semester

  Today is December 1st of 2021, and I am reaching the end of my first semester in college. It is shocking on how fast the Fall Semester went. I am on my way to my University transfer after next Semester I am looking forward to the future.  My Little Eve is already Excited for Yule as the weather in my area is changing quickly. As we hit a Snow Storm on our way back from dropping my sister back off at their dorm Sunday. I now have very little time to prepare from the coming holiday and I have not been very productive when i comes to it as I should be.  I am very much ready to find a New Apartment and live in a new area with my Little Princess. I am in the process of my search. On Campus University Family Apartments are quite expensive and I dont  know if my Student loans and Grants/Scholarships will cover it for the Entire year. This is another thing I am in the process of checking. I find being prepared as I wasn't before is very much needed now that I am a Mother. My daughter des