End of Semester


Today is December 1st of 2021, and I am reaching the end of my first semester in college. It is shocking on how fast the Fall Semester went. I am on my way to my University transfer after next Semester I am looking forward to the future. 

My Little Eve is already Excited for Yule as the weather in my area is changing quickly. As we hit a Snow Storm on our way back from dropping my sister back off at their dorm Sunday. I now have very little time to prepare from the coming holiday and I have not been very productive when i comes to it as I should be. 

I am very much ready to find a New Apartment and live in a new area with my Little Princess. I am in the process of my search. On Campus University Family Apartments are quite expensive and I dont 

know if my Student loans and Grants/Scholarships will cover it for the Entire year. This is another thing I am in the process of checking. I find being prepared as I wasn't before is very much needed now that I am a Mother. My daughter deserve stability. 

Updates will coming in due time and I will be Posting an University Commitment Blog when the time comes.

~Luna Frost~