Yule 2021


Now Yule is over I thought I would do a short blog update. This is Eves second Christmas, her first was when she was just 3 months old. Watching her open gifts this year just filled my heart with joy. She is growing so fast, and it’s crazy to see. She is now in a Toddler bed with a new Puppy Pillow & Red Plaid Blanket from her Grandma. Auntie got her two Stuffies she just loves (a little wolf & a Blue Unicorn with wings), and mama got her a Frozen Spa Set which I notice she was looking at. Two of mamas favorite gifts is the Red Wine 🍷 I got from my Mom and my Coffee Gift Set. 

This is my minor Post this holiday season as well as a short little update.

~ Mama Wolf Luna ~

- Midnight Pack (Midwest MI)