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Update: Relocation

 Greetings. Well, many know I been wanting to move out of the area I am currently in. A lot has happened since I quit my job up at Meijer last Wednesday. On Friday, Jan 21st, our apartment was deemed unsafe to live in, so I am working with a Program called "Families First" and am in the Process of Emergency Relocation. I never really thought it would happen this way, but it's been highly busy as we look for a place which is open. This is all I can really share for now. Lil Eve is safe and of course with me. 

Natrual PMS Support

PinkStorks PMS Tea is one of my Favorite Products and one of the first natural Period relief homeopathic methods I used for my changing period after I had my daughter. I was having so much pain and discomfort. This was one really good hit that helped a lot. The main herbs used in it is Red Raspberry leaf (This is used for a healthy cycle) and Turmeric (Which is a natural pain reliver). These are two of the main ones I feel I should note with the PMS Symptoms I experience.  PinkStorks PMS Sweets (Only comes in the Sweet Peppermint Flavor) is another Item I love to keep on hand for a quick grab. Its main ingredients are Vitamin b2 which seems to relieve my Menstrual cramps for few hours.  The last product I keep in my PMS Stash is PinkStorks Magnesium Body Mist. Its main ingredients are Magnesium and Sea Salt. It's a great natural pain reliever for Muscle cramps.  These are part of my Personal PMS Relief Stash and the reasons why. I find these products have a natural way of relieving

Winter Semester; Week ; 2022

 I decided not to include a photo with this blog as it has been a long first week. These Semester I am taking Principles of Macroeconomics, Introduction to Psychology and Interpersonal Communication toward my BSW. All required course to my degree. I am to be transferring to NMU (Northern Michigan University) for the Fall of 2022 Semester. This week has been quite Exhausting as I did not know how much work would be ahead of me this semester. Right now, the most of work is due in Macroeconomics and I already know I messed up my second discussion board because I did not include information, I could Source which means I did not provide proof to my claim. I need to watch for that for the weeks to come cause this Professor does want your work to be a professional as possible. From a Confused and Stressed-out College Mom

Explaining Neurodivergence

  Neurodiversity or ND, refers to variations in the human brain regarding  sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense. Neutodiversity is the idea that it’s normal and acceptable for people to have brains that function differently from one another. Rather then thinking there is something wrong or problematic when some people don’t operate similarly to others, neurodiversity recognizes that both brain function and behavioral traits are simply indicators of how diverse the human population is. The term Neurodiversity was coined by sociologist Judy Singer, who is autistic, in 1997. Neurodiversity can be broken down into two categories of people: those who are neurotypical and those who are neurodivergent. Neurodivergence is the term for people who’s brain functions differently in one or more ways then is considered standard or typical. There are many different ways that neurodivergence manifests, ranging from very mild way that most people