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Opinion: Oscar Altercation

  During the 94th Academy Award Ceremony, Chris Rock choose to Joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith which was diagnosed with alopecia in 2018. Alopecia which is the medical term for “Hair Loss” which can be connected to another medical illness. Will Smith handled the joke after Jada’s eye roll by slapping Chris Rock.  Many say that this itself was staged (which is possible) other the the Police being involved and them considering taking away his award win. Violance in my View is never justified. Violence is defined as “the  exercise of physical force to bring injury or damage to person or property.” Violence is used to place fear in a person or even to harm them. I agree that when emotions are high, people make choices which are not always right. Will Smith has also been noted to grow up in a abusive household. This also may have a connection to how he handled this situation.  This here for me is a complicated situation and the place which it occurred was not appropriate. The joke also was no

Quick Update [03/09/2022]

  We are still Midway there. I will not give much information on what exactly is what’s going on due situation. This is just letting you all know we are safe, and have help. I will explain the reasons and situation better once things are complete. Trust me it’s a long story but never mess with a “Mama Wolf”, we protect our “Pups” ~Luna Frost [Celtic High Priestess/Pagan Mom Blogger]~