Mom Brain: Self-Care


I notice many moms including myself never really take time for self care. What many believe is self care doesn’t have have a full extent. I am going to share with you some of my top 10 ways you can care for yourself. 

  • Therapy: I had Postpartum Anxiety, when I had my daughter. I wasn’t sleeping, in fear I would lose her. My intrusive thoughts caused an Irrational fear of SIDs. This is where Therapy is listed First on my list of Self Care. Your mental health is highly important and just as Important as you physical healing.
  • Take your medication: They are many mental health medications which can be taken safely while your breastfeeding. Never forego what helps you keep yourself mentally well.
  • Weighted BlanketWeighted blankets take their inspiration from a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation, which uses firm, controlled pressure to induce a feeling of calm. It helps with Anixety and Depression.
  • Tea: I find Herbal Tea to have a powerful affect in helping with mental illness. It has a calming effect.
  • Nature Walks: Walks have a calming affect which they allow you to clear your mind. Sun light also can increase Vitamin D which can help with your moods.
  • Journaling: Recording your stresses, worries, your day into a journal can help you contain your thoughts. Having them out on paper can at times help you work through it.
  • Water: Water intake and staying hydrated is very important (breastfeeding or not). This can not only help your mood but your energy level as well.
  • Eating/Meals: Eating healthy meals is very important. Not being hungry will help your moods.
  • Sleep: A good amount of sleep is Highly Important. Sleep deprivation causes many issues and is bad for your health. 
  • Comfort Object: Having a comfort Object (Doll/Stuffed Animal) can help with comfort during highly stressful moments. 

Other Ideas: Bath (Bath Bombs/Bubble Bath), Face Mask, Foot Soaks, Manicures, Pedicures

~Luna Frost