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Keeping Memories

 Not many people consider how important it is to create and keep memories. Even when your child does not have the developmental to retain them. Take photos of your child of special things you do together, meet people, create a life for your baby. Yes they do not retain memories till around 4 years old but you can keep them for them. They will remember emotions towards those special moments. I began documenting more when I started this blog. Thinking of how special it was to enter motherhood. My Biggest thing is to take photos… Enjoy each moment. You never know what could happen tomorrow. Help us get things for our new Home: Wish  List   ~ Mama Wolf Luna 

Shaded Growth


New Home

     With so much currently going on I do have a lot to update on. We signed the lease to are new beautiful apartment on the 22nd of April. We fully moved in on the 27th of April and about a week later, My mom was brought into the ER of the hospital not far from us. She was going into kidney failure and is currently on dialysis and in the ICU. We are finally out of the Unsafe apartment we were in but still have to go back to get what we can save if possible. But it seems that this apartment we were in for 9 years has done more damage then we formerly believed. It could possible be the cause of my mothers very serious health issues she is now facing. As sad as I am and fearful we not be able to gain old things which are attached to many important people whom has now passed and I honestly scared. Scared of possible retaliation from our former landlord whom never truly taken care of the place we were living. There are item which were lost moving from hotel to hotel and possible our last h