New Home


   With so much currently going on I do have a lot to update on. We signed the lease to are new beautiful apartment on the 22nd of April. We fully moved in on the 27th of April and about a week later, My mom was brought into the ER of the hospital not far from us. She was going into kidney failure and is currently on dialysis and in the ICU. We are finally out of the Unsafe apartment we were in but still have to go back to get what we can save if possible. But it seems that this apartment we were in for 9 years has done more damage then we formerly believed. It could possible be the cause of my mothers very serious health issues she is now facing. As sad as I am and fearful we not be able to gain old things which are attached to many important people whom has now passed and I honestly scared. Scared of possible retaliation from our former landlord whom never truly taken care of the place we were living. There are item which were lost moving from hotel to hotel and possible our last hotel to here. The journey to safety is hard and right now a ton lay heavy on my heart.

   My amazing 1 year old is going through not seeing her grandma all the time like she would normally. The big emotions which she does not understand. We are trying to build a safe home, and its my job to keep her as safe as I possible can. My heart also aches in the situation we were thrown in out of no where, Our move wasn't entirely planned. As of right now the landlord has 0 knowledge of us moving for good reason and under the advise of state agencies. He is facing a lot of trouble for the structural condition in which we were living. 

  The chance of us getting are things is still pretty unknown. I have added things to Eve and my Wish list for our new home. Things which we will need. We know for a fact we will not be able to save any of our furniture at all. But hopefully some of our treasures from our family passed we will. I will at least keep our hope on that. To be honest I do not trust our old landlord at all. This situation is very much out of my control. 

Luna Frost; @WolfMamaLuna