Journey to Surgery (Part 1)


So first I am really happy to say, Eve got her Cape from TinySuperheroes and she loves it. I can’t say enough about this amazing group of special needs parents.

Now to my much needed updates, as many of you know from following my social media (mainly my Instagram and I am slowly updating TikTok) that Eve seen her Surgeon from Mott’s Children’s Hospital at our Local hospital from her surgery consultation. After another X-Ray (my Poor Lil One hates) we determined it’s best she goes into surgery as soon as possible. Which we will be traveling for as the children’s hospital is in another part of the state. 

Hoping it would be at the end of July, today I was informed we would most likely been seen in August. This would be a long trip for my little one and we’re currently waiting on her disability claim. We do have a active GoFundMe which you can donate to. 

I am also updating our Throne Wish List with our needs

You are always welcome to help both ways.

~ Wolf Mama Luna