Pride Fest 2022


   Today at 1PM Est, Eve and I attend our very first Pride Fest which took place not far from our new home. It was surprisingly large for our area and brought in many people from all over and included many local venders. There were many people from different parts of the community just coming together and enjoying them selves. They had an amazing DJ and some local bands whom performed on stage. One thing which sucked is today it choose to rain so it rained through pretty close to half of the festival. The second I did not have enough money to get things really from any of the venders and I saw a cute Pride Parasol I wanted. 

   Eve loved the people and the music. She even got out of her stroller and tried dancing. We also spent time with one of my best friends. She brought her kids along as well. The kids enjoyed everything going on. Face painting and many child friendly things where offered.

  Later on more leaning into the evening, they hosted an Pride Drag Show which I have never seen before. Watching the performers getting on stage and enjoying their routines were amazing. The local talent in this area is amazing. Watching how encouraging the performers where to other really brighten the meaning behind Pride. 

~ Luna Frost