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Veggie Breakfast Rice

  Ingredients  - Organic Rice - JUST Eggs - Avocado - MorningStar Breakfast Sausage - Onions - Salt/Pepper 1. Boil Rice till Fully Cooked  2. Cook Just Eggs/ Cook MorningStar Breakfast Sausage  3. Mix all Ingredients and Fry on stove  4. Salt and Pepper to taste [100% Vegan, Dairy Free, and Organic] Recipe by Wolf Mama Luna 

Benefits of Hydration

  I find this to be a very important blog to make. The importance of staying hydrated which many people don’t understand. It’s still quite common for me to hear someone say they do not drink water.  Benefits  Regulates Body Temperature Improved Brain performance  Digestive Harmony- hydration helps your body digest food More Energy  Weight Loss/Management  Decreased Joint Pain Kidney Stone Prevention Healthier Heart  Fewer Headaches  Improved Detoxification  Many wonder how much water they need a day. Best answer is One-Third of your body weight or you can go by the rule of thumb which is 8 glasses a days Note: If your pregnant or Breastfeeding the about of water you need increases.  ~ Wolf Mama Luna  

Beach Day [07/16/2022]

  It was a very warm day yesterday so we made our way to Blackrocks Close to private beach area so little eve could enjoy herself and play in the water. She stayed on the Chilly water for close to two hours   The beauty of the area is truly amazing. It was such a beautiful day, Lil Eve enjoyed herself so much. ~ Wolf Mama Luna

Farmers Market & Summer Adventure

 [07-09-2022] Today we did our normal trip to the Farmers Market to grab some fresh Veggies for our fridge of course very Important for us. Lil Eve loves the farmers market. Later on after Eve took her nap we headed to Black Rocks which really busy yet Beautiful. Eve surprised me when her “Onion” sat her in the water and she just enjoyed while splashing around and looking for pretty rocks.  ~I expected this to be a longer blog but it ended up pretty short~ ~ Wolf Mama Luna 

Co-Op Foods

  I never got a chance to share about our Local Co-op Grocery Store just walking distance from our Home. This store is considered an Health Foods Grocery & Only Sells Organic and natural foods. It’s one of my favorite stops next to Target lol.  It’s located on W Washington St and sells lots of foods from local farmers and small businesses. We have many local coffee brands and such in this area which makes it very unique. The prices are also very suitable and not extremely high up there like most places.  ~ Wolf Mama Luna 

Nightly Cleaning Routine

 It’s been awhile since I posted here and thought I would share my nightly cleaning Routine. Many wonder how I get as much done with a nearly two year old toddler whom loves running around & getting into things daily.  I started cleaning when she is asleep at night, primarily in our Kitchen. Certain rooms I must do during the day but the Kitchen is not one of those.   ~ I start with doing our nightly dishes and filling the Dishwasher. I let the Dishwasher run over night so I can just empty it in the Morning. ~ I move to our counters next and put anything away which needs to be in the pantry, drawers, or Cupboards.  ~ I then wash the counters using Dreft All-Purpose Cleaner.  ~ Lastly I sweep the floor. Lil Eve has a habit of throwing things on the floor still from her High Chair.  This is my very basic routine as I am trying to make sure Lil Eve has an clean, safe environment to live in.  ~ Wolf Mama Luna  

Daily Walk Highlights [7/6/2022]