Nightly Cleaning Routine

 It’s been awhile since I posted here and thought I would share my nightly cleaning Routine. Many wonder how I get as much done with a nearly two year old toddler whom loves running around & getting into things daily. 

I started cleaning when she is asleep at night, primarily in our Kitchen. Certain rooms I must do during the day but the Kitchen is not one of those. 

 ~ I start with doing our nightly dishes and filling the Dishwasher. I let the Dishwasher run over night so I can just empty it in the Morning.

~ I move to our counters next and put anything away which needs to be in the pantry, drawers, or Cupboards. 

~ I then wash the counters using Dreft All-Purpose Cleaner. 

~ Lastly I sweep the floor. Lil Eve has a habit of throwing things on the floor still from her High Chair. 

This is my very basic routine as I am trying to make sure Lil Eve has an clean, safe environment to live in. 

~ Wolf Mama Luna