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SpicaCastLife: Week 1

  Lil Eve’s first full day in her Spica Cast was on August 18th. She was released from C.S Motts Children’s Hospital at around 12pm. We started our way home after her release and made it back to our apartment close to Midnight.  At first I had her set up sleeping on pillows on the floor till cause I feared she would fall off her Cot in her huge heavy cast  We also helped “Onion” move back into their Dorm this week and has been weird the last few days.  I been trying to keep her days as normal as possible which means we do try to get our walks in still. She has also been moved off the floor into a Twin air mattress which seems to be more comfortable for her. ~Wolf Mama Luna~

Lil Eve’s Open Reduction

  On August 16, 2022; we started are way down to C.S Motts Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. The Children’s Hospital is part of the University of Michigan Medical system and is one of the Top Children’s Hospital in the United States. We made it into Ann Arbor at around 10pm and then checked into our hotel for the night  We checked into the hospital at 6:15am the next Morning and was called back to Pre-Op at around 7:30am. The surgery team went over what to expect before being her back to the OR. We walked with her and then separated at the door. I got to say this was hard being separated from my baby.  She was in the OR for over 4 hours which I spent exploring the children’s hospital to keep myself occupied. Waiting had to be the hardest part of this for me. I know she needed the surgery but hard. Lil Eve was inpatient for overnight observation after.  She had an Open Reduction on her left Hip which moved her bone back into the hip and they tightened tendens to keep it in place. Sh

Dior J’adore Perfume Review

Disclosure: “I received these products free from Influenster & Dior for my Honest Review”  I was Shipped Dior J’adore Perfume thanks to Influenster which is my first perfume box. It’s just made with Flowers & Water according to the information which came with it. It smells so amazing and quickly has become a favorite and close to daily use for me. The price of this perfume is $108 on Amazon and I currently don’t have its pricing on Sephora till it’s released there. I love it’s gentle floral smell and the beautiful bottle. If you can afford it’s price tag, I highly recommend this perfume from Dior.  ~Wolf Mama Luna~

100% Plant-Based Scramble [Recipe]

  Ingredients: JUST Eggs ~ Avocado ~ Onions ~ Spinach ~ Sauce of Choice  Instructions: 1. Heat Pan and Add Plant Based Butter till Hot 2. Add in JUST Eggs, Avocado, Onions and Spinach to pan 3. Cook till fully done and add to plate 4. Serve with choice of sauce on top This Recipe is 100% Plant Based and Vegan JUST Eggs has 11g of Protein ~Wolf Mama Luna~  

Day out and about [08/11/2022]

  Lil Eve and I were up at around 8am EST this Morning and of course she started her Morning with puppy kisses from her fur friends. We went inside for a bit after.  She was snacking on some peanut butter when we decided to go out for breakfast (which we don’t do to often), and we decided on Big Boy’s Breakfast Buffet. She got to select what foods she wanted on her plate as well as had some chocolate milk.  We stopped at Biggby Coffee before heading over to Walmart to explore. We don’t normally get a chance to enjoy a random trip with no stress. We explored there till Eve was ready for her nap  I got treated to some things including my new mini backpack to make things easier after Eve’s surgery. This would allow me to be hands free when we are out and about. We ended our enjoyable relaxing day with Subway which I have not had in months. I am honestly thankful for this trip to lower my stress level before we head to the Children’s Hospital next week, ~Wolf Mama Luna~ Eve’s GiveInKind Pa

{Update} Road to Surgery [8/04/2022]

  We are 13 day before surgery in August 17th and Lil Eve does show during the day that her hip is causing her some discomfort. Us having to wait over a month for the surgery most likely did not help with the dislocation at all. She is majority her happy self tho. At her last Wellness Visit we also got a official diagnoses of a speech delay and a referral to get her seen at the Developmental clinic for a early intervention Autism diagnoses.  This makes it longer before I can return to work cause her health is more important and making sure she gets the treatment she needs is important  GoFundMe - Surgery Wish List - Throne Wish List Direct Donations Via my Store  ~Wolf Mama Luna~