Day out and about [08/11/2022]


Lil Eve and I were up at around 8am EST this Morning and of course she started her Morning with puppy kisses from her fur friends. We went inside for a bit after. 

She was snacking on some peanut butter when we decided to go out for breakfast (which we don’t do to often), and we decided on Big Boy’s Breakfast Buffet. She got to select what foods she wanted on her plate as well as had some chocolate milk. 

We stopped at Biggby Coffee before heading over to Walmart to explore. We don’t normally get a chance to enjoy a random trip with no stress. We explored there till Eve was ready for her nap 

I got treated to some things including my new mini backpack to make things easier after Eve’s surgery. This would allow me to be hands free when we are out and about.

We ended our enjoyable relaxing day with Subway which I have not had in months. I am honestly thankful for this trip to lower my stress level before we head to the Children’s Hospital next week,

~Wolf Mama Luna~

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