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Pediatric Ambulatory Device

     Right now, Lil Eve has a Pediatric Ambulatory Device prescription with BOB. Seeing insurance is taking a long time, a friend helped me get her a Babytrend Tour LTE which is a version of a Stroller Wagon. We have been using it for a few days now and she loves it. It is more comfortable for her than or original stroller.    It holds up to 90 Lbs so it will last her while hopefully, my little pup will be back on her feet even with her having to relearn to crawl and walk again. I just wanted to give a short introduction to the device we are using for her mobility and comfort.  ~ Wolf Mama Luna~

Vegan Pancake Recipe

  Ingredients: 1 Cup Flour ~ 1/4 Cup Sugar ~ 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder ~ 1 Teaspoon Salt ~ 1/4 Cup Just Eggs ~ 3/4 Cup Almond Milk  Steps:  1. Mix all Dry Ingredients together (Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt) till completely mixed together. 2. Add JUST Eggs and Almond Milk then Mix Well 3. Cook on Medium Heat with Plant Based Butter on Pan ~Wolf Mama Luna~

Local Vegan Hot Bar Tasting [9/14/2022]

  Today I decided Lil Eve and I would try something new for Lunch. I stopped at the Marquette Food Co-op to try things from today's Hot Bar. We took come of the Tofu, The Veggie Rice, and Cauliflower. Lil Eve needed something for Lunch before her nap so I felt a quick yet healthy option was a great choice.  One thing I can say is Lil Eve loved her entire plate. She ate through it pretty quickly while watching spiderman on Disney Jr. She may not be able to verbalize her enjoyment so her eating all her plate tells me everything I needed to know. My Opinion on the things we choose is that it's all flavorful and amazing. The tofu was seasoned amazingly with a seasoned tomato sauce, the rice has an amazing flavor of its own and the cauliflower tasted like it was grilled perfectly.  I give this random Lunch stop a 5 out of 5. ~Wolf Mama Luna~

Toddler Bed Finally

 As you all know we been in our new place for close to 6 months now and we kept being promised beds. Well those beds never came. So with our reimbursement check I bought Lil Eve her new bed today. She feel asleep already on it and seems to just love it  ~Wolf Mama Luna~

Mini Update [9/5/2022]

I haven't updated in quite a while due to being busy lately. I started classes last week and have been working on assignments while caring for Lil Eve in her cast. She has been in good spirits since her surgery and doing very well. We are still waiting on her wagon which will be coming on insurance hopefully soon. We are still scheduled to return to C.S Motts Children's Hospital on September 28th for an X-Ray (To determine if she will need another surgery due to hip bone placement) and a routine Cast change.  We are working our way through everything and I am so happy she is getting the care she needs. ~ Wolf Mama Luna ~