Local Vegan Hot Bar Tasting [9/14/2022]


Today I decided Lil Eve and I would try something new for Lunch. I stopped at the Marquette Food Co-op to try things from today's Hot Bar. We took come of the Tofu, The Veggie Rice, and Cauliflower. Lil Eve needed something for Lunch before her nap so I felt a quick yet healthy option was a great choice. 

One thing I can say is Lil Eve loved her entire plate. She ate through it pretty quickly while watching spiderman on Disney Jr. She may not be able to verbalize her enjoyment so her eating all her plate tells me everything I needed to know.

My Opinion on the things we choose is that it's all flavorful and amazing. The tofu was seasoned amazingly with a seasoned tomato sauce, the rice has an amazing flavor of its own and the cauliflower tasted like it was grilled perfectly. 

I give this random Lunch stop a 5 out of 5.

~Wolf Mama Luna~