Minor Life Updates [10/23/2022]


   Let us start with Lil Eve's Birthday on October 15th, she has 2 years old. She celebrated her birthday still in her spica Cast which she seemed perfectly ok with. She got quite of few presents this year which I was unable to do last year due to the situation and our unsafe location. She loved everything which she was gifted with

  As of right now we are waiting for the final date for her "cast off" and move to a rhino harness which will be her transition out of her cast. She is already trying to become mobile in her cast which we have been trying to avoid. I am personally excited for her to be able to move around again and have a normal bath which she missed.

  She also seems to be impatiently waiting to return to learning to potty train as she was before. It will be great to see her rebuild her strength and balance after this long hall. She at the moment is still in speech twice a week and we hope to hear from the developmental clinic next month (November), to see a developmental pediatrician 

~High Priestess Luna~

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