Updates: 7 Weeks of Spica Cast


On September 27th, We headed down to Ann Arbor, MI for Lil Eve's 6-month appointment at C.S Motts Children's Hospital. We arrived in Ann Arbor at around 9pm night and no lie got lost on the way to our hotel. Lil Eve was scheduled to be checked into the OR at 6:15 on the 28th. We are very lucky insurance covered our hotel for the night before as this is a very long and expensive trip. 

On the 28th, We went to the 4th floor of the children's hospital to get her checked in. I was informed that her specialist booked her OR for 2 hours. We were brought back to pre-op pretty quickly. She had a ton of a hard time with prepping her for the separation as she was to head back into the room. Honestly, any separation from her is very hard on me, I am with her 24/7.

During her time in the ER, My mom (Eve's Grandma) and I went down to the cafeteria to find something to eat. I was pretty hungry and exhausted and needed some coffee. A hospital no matter the reason is a hard place to be. I then stopped at the 2 Gift shops to grab some memory items for Eve. She ended up with a Onesie from the hospital to wear home.

Today is October 6 and were on week 7 of her casting. She is doing amazing. She is moving more in her cast and even interacting with the TV. She is still not very verbal but does understand things said to her. She is still bubbly and a Happy Little Toddler

Lil Eve started Outpatient Speech therapy on October 4th and loves her therapist already. She will be going 2 times a week right now. She has no issue understanding what is said or expressed to her but she is having trouble expressing herself and what she wants. Is the goal in therapy will be to help encourage her to express herself ether verbally or in other ways?

This is all I really have for updates right now. I will be posting here on my blog as much as possible.

~Wolf Mama Luna~