Beginning of the Year [2023]

Monday, January 2nd 2023


Lil Eve stayed up till 2am this Morning till she finally got a little bit of sleep. It’s been a long night with a toddler with tons of energy. Today is also the first day which I followed my plan and got dressed this Morning at around 9:30am. Brushed my hair and put myself together. It’s part of my bigger goals for this year. 

I used our new Snowflake Dash Waffle Maker for the first time for Eve and I to enjoy something new. We live in a area where during winter our weather is cold and slippery for months. So this Waffle Marker fits so well

Took Lil Eve outside for a bit cause it’s decently nice out right now and it’s only 33 degrees out which didn’t feel so bad. I still placed her Jacket on cause she is till little and I didn’t want it to feel cold to her.

We also headed out to the store to get needed items off my WIC. So many goals for this coming year and will hopefully be fulfilled. 

~ Wolf Mama Luna ~