Wellness Recommendations {Feb 2023}


 I have been wanted to create this blog since the very beginning of the year but it has been quite busy with my classes this semester. I have shared some of the Items I use on my Instagram account and will be sharing more throughout the year. 

Pink Storks Postnatal Gummies are one of my favorites. I have used this brand since a Few Months postpartum with my daughter. Buy This Product Here 

I love my weighted blanket after a long day and it also has a ton of positive benefits. It has a calming feeling while you try to sleep and feels like your being held. Get your Blanket Here

Staying hydrated is very important and so is having a very good water bottle. This one is very encouraging as your getting your water intake for the day. Buy your Water Bottle Here

A Good Tea like this Calm Tea from Pink Stork is amazing for calming Stress and relaxing after a long busy day. Buy This Tea Here

Tea is another go-to even when it comes to sleep. Pink Stork makes an amazing sleep tea also which I love and highly Recommend. Buy This Tea Here

My Last recommendation for sleep is Pink Storks Melatonin Gummies. It only has a light 3mg of Melatonin which helps boost what you already naturally have in your system. Buy the Gummies Here

~Wolf Mama Luna~