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Cirkul Water Bottles

 Lil Eve & I got our Cirkul Water Bottle directly from their website (Note: they sell their 22 Oz Plastic Bottle Starter Set at Walmart). We got the Stainless Steal Bottles (Me: 22 Oz & Eve: 12 Oz) directly on their website. I love this water bottle so much and use it all day.  They have 40+ flavors located on their website for you to choose from and other things for their bottles. Every flavor I have tried so far I love. I have Coconut Pineapple on my bottle right now.  This is a 5 star product which I highly recommend.  ~ Wolf Mama Luna 

Life Updates [3/5/2023]

  I have not written a blog in quite a while. I have been doing shorts/vlogs on YouTube which give some updates on how we are doing and what's going on on some days. Eve has started walking even though she is not placing much pressure on the hip/leg on which she had surgery. Got to say even with her not placing much pressure, she is fast and running around our apartment.  We are still working on setting a Second Opinion for my Mom which will be at U of M hospital. Eve sees her Specialist in June to get more information on how her hip is doing. We are still watching to see if she will need another surgery but as of right now, we do not know. I know this is not much of an update but it's all I have right now ~ Wolf Mama Luna